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Two Bathrooms

1967 Mid-century Modern Ranch - PHX, Arizona
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Two painfully dated bathrooms
receive modern updates

Project Details

Home: 1967 Mid-Century Ranch

Location: PHX, Arizona

Project: Bathrooms

Cost: $something

Stained and polished concrete floors with floating vanities featuring deep, soft closing drawers and modern hardware set an ultra clean and modern vibe.

Master Bathroom

Before & After

Before & After

The Old, brown carpet and linoleum were removed and replaced with a modern update: stained and polished concrete.

The single sink was replaced with a double (which most buyer's prefer in their master bathroom).
The beige faux marble shower tile was updated with a white shower tile paint and a stained concrete shower pan.

Paint for shower tile can be bought at most hardware stores.

Before & After

Much needed storage was added in the closet through glass door shelving units and extra clothing bars.

Soft, white floor to ceiling curtains and a chandelier soften the modern feel of the concrete floor and floating vanity.
Photo from previous listing

Main Bathroom

Before & After

During the Renovation

1. Demo

Tore out carpet, laminate flooring, and trim.
Scraped popcorn ceilings.
Removed toilets, sink vanities, mirrors, and medicine cabinets.

2. Construction

Installed an energy efficient window in the main bathroom.
Repaired drywall, and textured walls/ceiling.
Poured, stained and polished a concrete floor.
New floor trim.
Replaced doors.
Re-installed toilets.
Installed Ikea floating vanities.

3. Staging

Painted the walls a neutral, light gray.
Painted the ceiling in main bath a dark gray accent color.
Installed new fans and lights.
Replaced all outlets and switches.
Hung shelving for storage.
Hung new mirrors.
New faucet and bath/shower hardware.
Plant decor from Ikea.
White towels from Target.

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