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1967 Mid-century Modern Ranch - PHX, Arizona
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A neighborhood eyesore transformed

Project Details

Home: 1967 Mid-Century Ranch

Location: PHX, Arizona

Project: Curb Appeal

Cost: $something

Before & After

Before & After

I removed rocks that didn't belong and various decor items from the previous owners (40 some clay pots, a bird bath, wind chimes, concrete chunks, stepping stones to no where).
Over grown
I trimmed and removed various plants so that the sight lines to the home were clean. This transformed the unkempt, cluttered front yard to a more clean and low maintenance look which is typical of Arizona. 

During the Renovation

1. Demo

De-cluttered by removing various rocks, decor, and plants - $0.
Moved an oddly placed pile of white rock from the center of the front yard to the back, near the home's front door - $0.
Removed nonfunctioning swinging garage doors - $0.

2. Construction

Had new garage door installed - $1,200.
Made window boxes, chevron window shutters, and a house number sign out of left over wood from my fence - $0.

3. Staging

I painted the home's exterior (myself over several weeks) a dark gray blue color - $500.
Painted the front door a bright green/yellow color and added new hardware - $60.
Plants - $100.

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