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Living Room
& Entry

1967 Mid-century Modern Ranch - PHX, Arizona
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A dated, dark, and closed-off living room transformed
into an airy, open concept living space.

Project Details

Home: 1967 Mid-Century Ranch

Location: PHX, Arizona

Project: Living & Entry

Cost: $something

Opening up the living room to the kitchen and dining room, made the home feel larger and brighter. The open concept enhanced the flow of the home and created an amazing space for entertaining and living.

Before & After

During the Renovation

1. Demo

Scraped popcorn ceiling.
Tore out laminate flooring and trim.
Cut out 2/3 of the kitchen/living room wall.

2. Construction

Replaced the aluminium window with
an energy efficient window.
Repaired drywall and textured walls/ceiling.
Installed new flooring and trim.
Installed a fan and recessed lighting.

3. Staging

Painted the walls a neutral, light gray.
Painted the front door a bright, modern yellow.
Replaced front door hardware.
Replaced all outlets and switches.

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