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1967 Mid-century Modern Ranch - PHX, Arizona
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An uninviting side yard transformed
into a calming retreat for meditation

Project Details

Home: 1967 Mid-Century Ranch

Location: PHX, Arizona

Project: Side Yard

Cost: $something

A Zen garden was not mandatory for the sale of this house. However, I thought that the garden added something memorable and became a valued place in a spot that was once, possibly, the worst part of the home.
Transformations like this, help give older renovated homes the character and charm that new builds just don't have. When you're selling an older home, you're competing against new builds which are usually larger with more open floor plans and modern amenities like walk in closets. Any edge that you can give your home for a reasonable price, I think is important and valuable to your sale.

Before & After

Photo from previous listing
The state of the side yard as it was listed in 2010. Featuring a broken conrete patio and red landscaping rock.
Photo from previous listing
The state of the side yard as it was listed when I purchased. Featuring a palm tree, weeds, and a ton of random rocks, concrete, tile, and garbage.

During the Renovation

1. Demo

I gutted the side yard, removing all plants, concrete chunks, stepping stones, ECT - $0.

2. Construction

I built a fence to separate the side yard from the back yard - $200.
I built two small decks out of leftover wood from my fence - $0.

3. Staging

I had river rock delivered and i laid it myself - $150. The river rock added to the Zen garden look, is great for dogs, and is low maintenance for future buyers. I made a path out of stepping Stones i found in the yard - $0. I added a small strip of turf grass -$125. Planted a few plants - $75. Painted part of the neighbors fence black - $50.

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